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Do you have a dog who has developed some unwanted behaviours or habits? Or perhaps a new puppy whom you’d like to teach the skills that will set them up for life?  Or perhaps you and your dog just want the opportunity to learn new things, bond with each other and meet other local owners and dogs?  With options to suit a range of needs, all of our training uses force free methods centered around positive reinforcement, which basically means they actively want to do the behaviours we desire.  Though there are other methods, I feel this is by far the best route to lifelong learning and a mutually loving and respectful relationship between dog and owner.  

A particular emphasis is placed on ensuring each program helps the dog fit into your individual lifestyle; everyone’s lives differ greatly so I do not believe in one size fits all.  

Training your dog is a highly rewarding process but not without its challenges!  When you finish your program you will be fully versed in how to continue to implement and maintain the training and have a full report to refer back to.  As your life evolves with your dog there will always be new things to learn and we will always be on the end of the phone/email should you need advice or support.


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