15 Things You’ll Remember Growing up in Farnham

1.) Everyone either knows someone from Farnham or has at least driven through it.

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2.) You spent your teenage years drinking in Farnham Park, mainly Cider, Cheap Wine and Alcopops, all of which made you sick!

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3.) You know every single pub and each pub at some point over the years has been the most popular one.

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4.) The town seems to get smaller as you get older.

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5.) You always had School Rivalry between Heathend, Weydon and All Hallows?

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6.) Explaining where you live is difficult you basically have to say near London or near Guildford.

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7.) You recognize almost everyone in Town even though you’ve never spoken to them, you know their job, where they live and their friends.

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8.) When a local shop closes down, everyone goes over the top, to the point where we are all on suicide watch.

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9.) Your friends have all been on a date with at least two of your ex partners.

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10.) The local newspaper front page is always something boring like, “Plant Pot Stolen”

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11.) You’d spend all your free time, walking through, parks, woods because there was nothing else to do.

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12.) Roller Disco’s at the Sports Centre made you feel like the town was basically as cool as Hollywood!

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13.) You cry a little inside when you remember old shops like Tandy, Our Price, or Woolworth’s.

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14.) You have town celebrities that are only famous in Farnham, aka Elivs, Eric, and the Bike Lady.

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15.) You were constantly bored growing up and longed to leave, but Farnham will always be your home.

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What do you Remember Growing up?