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Meet Juliet

I am a MSc qualified hypnotherapist. In 2008 I received my diploma in Clinical Hypnosis with Psychotherapy. Setting up full time practice in 2009 I worked for almost a decade before completing a MSc in “Professional Development; Consciousness, Transpersonal Psychology and Spirituality” with the University of Middlesex. Over the years I have learnt how to use my knowledge to work intuitively. I see the greater picture and successfully help many people live the life they seek.

Using hypnosis, psychotherapy, trans-personal psychology and mindfulness techniques holistically, we take small steps together to enable your big leap that previously seemed paralyzing. During the sessions our relationship is most important, I view us as equals that share the experience so, alongside my analytical stance to the sessions there is empathy and insight. You are unlimited in ability and can achieve great potential. My intention is for you to recognise your strengths, creativity and choices.

I work in a way that we both enjoy the sessions but do not become co-dependent. I have spent years working with and researching the human mind, and have encapsulated the most important and useful techniques so that sessions are fluid and you achieve success efficiently. In your sessions with me we will spend some time talking about the days in between sessions. I will ask you about your feelings, what you think helped and what you think didn’t. We went then work together using hypnosis and psychological techniques to help you make positive changes.

All the while we are together I will be working to help you reach your goal. In the initial consultation we will talk about what you want to achieve. Together we will consider whether your objective is realistic and if so how you can reach it. You know what you want but the thought of how to get there is overwhelming and too difficult to contemplate. Being able to see an orderly route to a target point is a strength of mine. I have an ability to create step by step plans that will enable you to reach your goal easily.

If you are struggling to put your finger on your goal but feel like you need some support or want to make changes hypnotherapy is a great choice, during the initial consultation we can unpick your feelings to work out exactly what is going on for you.

“step by step plans will enable you to reach your goals”

There is an endless list of things that hypnotherapy can help. In fact, you’ll find it difficult to find something that hypnosis can’t help. As a result I find it counterproductive to list all of the things that hypnosis helps as inevitably your complaint won’t be listed. If you do not see the thing you are seeking support for please do still contact me to see if I can help you. 

The most common reasons people see me are to:

  • lose weight
  • remove a fear or phobia
  • reduce anxiety
  • help depression
  • manage stress
  • increase confidence
  • stop addictive behaviours (including alcohol and gambling)
  • stop smoking
  • manage relationships
  • change negative behaviours
  • stop habits
  • increase self esteem
  • support physical healing
  • manage pain
  • deal with trauma
  • aid fertility
  • help sleep difficulties

I work with people personally, face to face and online to help all the above complaints and more.







Telephone: 07900 976338 or 01252 415109


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