Small Business Advice – Increase Social Engagement

If you own a Facebook Page or a Business Instagram account it’s important to increase your followers and engagement, and we have some quick ways & ideas to help you. (this doesn’t need to consume your valuable time)

But Why increase Engagement & Followers?

More followers equals increased Brand Trust, potential customers that come across your page are more likely to use a service that has a larger following and is updated regularly.

Below you will see 2 Cake Maker Facebook pages, I’ve blurred out there details for privacy reasons. But Which page would you buy a cake from? ❓

Cake Shop 1 🎂

Cake Shop 2 🥮🍰🧁

Both pages have Pro’s and Cons, lets break down the pages and see what they could improve on.

Header Image Colorfulonly 157 likes
Button for WhatsApp ContactLast post over 5 months ago
Has detailed about section
Map of location
Header Image shows 3 different designsShop is showing as Closed
2450 page likesImages could be brighter
Last post 5 hours agoAbout section needs more detail
Has phone number in about section
Map of Location

For me personally, I would have chosen Cake Shop 2, it’s more active with a recent post, more page likes and the page header, immediately shows off different designs. Cake Shop 1 has a free way to contact them directly via WhatsApp and a more detailed about section, both of which I like.

Tip 1 to Increase Engagement – Review

Spend sometime reviewing your page, compare to your competitors, note down what you like about their page. Then make your page better than theirs.

Tip 2 to Increase Engagement – Increase Followers

There are many strategies you can use to increase your followers, firstly try to get your current customers to follow you. If you have a place of business where customers come, like a shop or somewhere that customers/clients come to visit. Make sure you have a way for your customers to follow you.

  • Put out a sign with a link to your social media and a plate of cookies. “Follow us for a Free Cookie” 🍪 Note, you do not have to be a bakery to do this, this could even be in an office setting and it doesn’t have to be a cookie. (Free Pen, Free Water there are lots of options).
  • Invest in a Social Media Live Counter, people love to see the number increase when they follow you. Add a sign with a link to your social media saying “Follow us and watch the Counter Move” 👍
  • If you have a Van or Vehicle with your business, do not just put the Facebook logo on the Van. How will people find you? Add your Facebook Name or use a QR code that potential customers can Scan to follow you. Same is true for Business Cards.
  • If your solely an online Business focus on reviews, ask customers for reviews that you can share on Social Media. This increases Trust when people find your page.
  • For online and offline businesses you can also run regular competitions. It doesn’t even need to be an item from your business. For example an Estate Agents recently gave away a BBQ Party, including BBQ, BEERs and FOOD to the lucky winner, all you had to do was tag 5 people you’d invite to the BBQ if you won. See below as to why this is extremely effective for increasing Page Likes.

Tip 3 to Increase Engagement – Turn Likes into Followers

Going back to the competition idea above, if somebody likes one of your posts, did you know you can invite them to follow you? 🤩 This is one of my favorite tips and something that’s helped me grow LoveFarnham to over 14,000 followers.

It’s a simple concept, you post something that’s engageable, that people like and after they have liked you invite them to your page. The best thing about this, is you can do it now, scroll back on your old posts, ones with lots of likes and start inviting people.

Step 1 – Find a recent post with likes, click on the likes.

Step 2 – You’ll see a list of people who’ve liked your post, with a handy button where you can Invite them.

I find that around 50% of the people I invite will accept and like my page. You’ll also notice that I like my own posts, this is because it’s far more likely that someone will click “like” on a post if someone else already has.

Test it out, post two different posts, like 1 yourself and ignore the other one, then see which post gets the most likes.

But Why do I need more Followers?

Have you ever seen this comment on a post “Hey Jenn this was the company I was telling you about” and they tag their friend?

The more genuine followers you have the more likely they are to share business with friends & family. Other benefits include:

  • Brand Awareness
  • Brand Growth
  • Increased Customers
  • Increased Traffic to your Website
  • It’s also a reminder to old customers “oh I remember xx, I have to go back there again”.

Hope this helped, and if you are a business don’t forget to join our Love Farnham Business Group we have 1,600 local Businesses in the Group you can share and ask advice from. Perhaps even start a collaboration with, I’ve seen Food Trucks working with Pubs, businesses working with local Fates and Schools. It’s a great way to share ideas with each other.

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