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Plans are monthly subscriptions which you may cancel at anytime.


All content and posts will be created by Love Farnham, you are free to make any changes or use any images or branding within all content. Subscription Packages will be charged on a rolling monthly basis which you can cancel any time.

How to Get Started

  1. Simply choose the package above that suits you.
  2. Click subscribe for monthly packages, then make a payment via PayPal (note you do not need a PayPal account to subscribe to a plan)
  3. Email with your business name.

We will then reply to your email to find out more information about your business, before setting up a dedicated page/news story on our website which we will share on a weekly basis via our Love Farnham Group.

What results can I expect?

Package (per month)Adverts Per Month (AVG)Impressions Per Advert (AVG)Cost Per Impression (AVG)
£304 posts 500 to 1000£0.007
£509 posts500 to 1000£0.006
Above results are on average (AVG), as we post to 3 Social Channels, some posts can see well over 3000 impressions per post. Impressions are the number of people who will see your advert.
Additional Benefits include SEO impact from having your Business advertised on our Website with direct links to your website & socials.




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Benefits of Advertising with Love Farnham

  1. Brand awareness & Exposure to a wide Farnham audience online.
  2. Strong Farnham social media presence.
  3. The possibility of stronger rankings on Google SEO, via backlinks to your website and the opportunity for your customers to find your business directly on the LoveFarnham website.



Q) Who creates my page on LoveFarnham.LocalCommunity.UK?
A) We will create the web page and any images needed for you. An email will be sent to you asking for all relevant information, however you may add any content to this page, written, images, videos, links to Facebook, twitter it’s really up to you what you add on the page. Once the page is created, we will send to you for final approval before we start promoting and advertising it.

Q) Why should I advertise with LoveFarnham.LocalCommunity.UK?
A) Because the future is online, we have a bigger reach than most local newspapers and more importantly the more you succeed the more we do, so it’s in our interest to give you the best service possible. Try it out, see the results and if you’re unhappy simply cancel. One thing’s for sure, a large majority of Farnham will see your advert and get to know your business or brand. Note advertising with us also helps promote your social media channels, and create back links to your website for improved SEO.

Q) Can I cancel at any time?
A) Yes of course, for example if you sign up for the £30 monthly package, you could pay 1 month and then cancel directly via PayPal. To cancel follow PayPal’s latest guidelines on how to cancel a subscription. If you have any issues please drop Love Farnham an email via the contact page, and we will cancel for you.

Q) What is the population of Farnham and how many of them can you reach?
A) The population is around 40,000, excluding young children and more senior locals, brings the total down to 23,000. Currently we can reach around 10,000 to 12,000 of those, which is growing on a daily basis.

Q) Do you offer refunds?
A) Yes but only the first month, if you are not happy with our service simply cancel your subscription and request a refund for your first months payment.

Q) Do your prices ever change?
A) Yes but as soon as you start a plan they remain unchanged, unless either party decides to cancel.


Budgeting for Advertising

Your business should usually spend anywhere from 2% to 12% of your annual sales on advertising to expand and grow the business.

Advertising Guide

  • £5,000 Per year in Sales should spend £100 to £600 per year on Advertising
  • £10,000 Per year in Sales should spend £200 to £1,2000 per year on Advertising
  • £25,000 Per year in Sales should spend £500 to £3,000 per year on Advertising
  • £100,000 Per year in Sales should spend £2,000 to £12,000 per year on Advertising

Advertising Choices & Costs

  • TV Campaigns – Very costly, between £5,000 and £25,000 to create a TV Advert and thousands more to find the right TV Spots.
  • Radio – These differ greatly, you can find slots from around £250 for Local Stations to £2500 for bigger global stations.
  • Newspapers – Again this will differ a lot, a local newspaper should cost around £250 for a quarter page advertisement for 1 week, and as much as £50 for a tiny box ad. Local newspapers have a smaller audience than online too.
  • Social Media – This is a great option, as always costs depend on exactly what you need, you could pay around £100 for a small campaign, and that’s per campaign.
  • Online – Online costs are always high, you need to build a good website, pay people to mange social media and pay SEO companies to build traffic, plus even more if you want to advertise.
  • Free Sources – Word of mouth, refer a friend is a great idea, give 10% off to friends, Contact local bloggers to post about your business, there are plenty of free ways but they all require lot’s of time.