Lost Items in Farnham Surrey

It’s heart breaking when you lose something precious to you. Over the years the Love Farnham Facebook Group, has helped 100’s of items be reunited with their owners.

If you’ve lost an item in Farnham Surrey, make sure the first thing you do is post the details on Love Farnham.

Some of the most common lost items we’ve seen reported in the group are listed below, the local Farnham Community are extremely helpful in finding lost items.

  • Lost Pets, Lost Dogs, Lost Cats even Lost Peacocks 🐕🙀
  • Lost Keys 🗝️
  • Lost Purse 👜
  • Lost Babies Soft Toy or Teddy Bear 🧸
  • Lost Cameras 📷
  • Lost Ring 💍
  • Lost Bracelet 📿
  • Lost Glasses 👓
  • Lost Bankcards 💳

All of these items and more have unfortunately been lost in Farnham Surrey, some have been found and returned, all through the power of Community.

For a full list of lost items on the Love Farnham Facebook Group – visit our search page of lost items.


Q) How do I report something lost in Farnham Surrey?
A) simply click the button below, join the Love Farnham Facebook Group for Free and post as many details as possible about your item, add an image too if you have one. If possible note the last location you had the item in your possession and where you think it could currently be.

Q) Can I post on Love Farnham Group if I’ve found an item?
A) Yes of course, but try to be discreet, leave out details that only the owner would know.

Note you can also report lost and found items to Surrey Police here.

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